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Saigon Traffic Police CGST

Getting stopped by the traffic police (CSGT) in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Back in January, 2018, I got pulled over by the infamous traffic police (CGST) in the Phu Nhuan District. I was stopped for being...

Saigon Night with the Bikers

Evening photos from the last offline meeting. Mostly 300cc Kawasaki bikes with one Z650 and one 500cc Royal Enfield bike.
International Primary School and Asian High School in Saigon

Riding to IPS / AHS in Saigon (video)

Another video I took of my short trip to the International Primary School / Asian High School in District 1. The trip The trip...
Saigon Thu Thiem Tunnel

Thu Thiem Tunnel in Saigon (video)

I am riding through Thu Thiem Tunnel going under the Saigon River from District 2 to District 1 on my Kawasaki Z300. I pass...
Kawasaki Z300 in the Long An Province, Vietnam

My Kawasaki Z300 during Tet 2018

Just showing off my bike. This lake is located in the Long An Province.

Wednesday night Vegetable Market

My bike outside a Tan Phu vegetables market.

Getting gas at PetroLimex

About every two weeks I need to fill up my motorcycle. I added about 11.6 litters of fuel on Monday. A big feat for...