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Affect of Indonesian Fires in Saigon, Vietnam

Indonesian forest fires creating haze in Saigon?

For those living in Saigon the last several years, it is becoming a norm to deal with rising air pollution as Autumn...

Temperature Inversion Pollution in Saigon

This morning Saigon suffered yet another bad air morning with the AQI (air quality indicator) at 162 (50 AQI and below is...

Changing BlueAir HEPA filter

You are supposed to change your BlueAir HEPA filter every 6 months. There is a display that tells you when to change it. I...

Coming soon: DIY Air Purifier in Vietnam

Nearly ready for purchases. Just waiting on our new fan design and HEPA filters. Currently the unit will use a Senko fan. Senko DIY air...
AQBlue PM 2.5 mask

PM 2.5 masks I wear in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Edit (Feb. 1, 2020): With the coronavirus outbreak in China, this post is getting a lot of hits from Vietnam. First and foremost, PM2.5...
Phu My Bridge in Saigon

Beautiful Tet Day 4 in Saigon

A beautiful Day 4 of Tet in Saigon today. Clear blue skies. PM 2.5 is at 68 AQI. Not bad. Below is a panoramic...

Air Quality in Thao Dien

The perception of many in Saigon is that the air quality in Thao Dien is better than District 1. In fact, at noon today...