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Matsunaga from Saga, Japan

Patternz helps Japanese families find their family crests (kamon)

Matsunaga Family from Saga I have been very interested in researching the history of my Japanese mother's family heritage. Growing up, she told me stories...

WeGene says I am part Chinese

About a month ago I decided to to upload my 23andme dna results to WeGene. Within a day I got my results. Just look...
Hafu Mixed Japanese Interview

What Japanese Think of Half-Japanese People? (Interview)

As some of you may know through my blog's name, SaigonNezumi, I must have some roots in Japan. Nezumi is rat/mouse in the Japanese...

23andme Results

No surprise here. I am half Japanese according to 23andme. I was surprised to be listed as 1/4 British and Irish. Ten percent French...

Models and Trains at Yodobashi Fukuoka

On my return back to Fukuoka a week ago, I got to visit the famous Yodobashi Fukuoka shopping complex near Hakata Station. Wow, what...

Hakata at night

Hakata, the old name of Fukuoka, reminds me so much of Singapore. Both busy and quiet at the samw time. I took these night...

I love Japanese toilets

If you ever used one, you will know what I mean. Who needs toilet paper if you have one of these Japanese smart toilets....