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Humans Of Saigon by Han Phan

Humans of Saigon

Here is a great video on Vimeo looking at the Saigonese people. A very good perspective. Humans Of...
XO Tours Coolest Guides in Vietnam

The Coolest Guides in Vietnam! – XO Tours

Been meaning to do this for Tung for the longest time. I will post videos about XO Tours often now. Partly because...
Bamboo Airlines - Vietnam

Bamboo Airways’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner: An Inside Look

Bamboo Airlines is one of the newest players in the Vietnamese airlines industry. Bamboo Airlines aims to...
Mongol invasion of Vietnam

Mongol Invasion of Vietnam (1258-1288)

In Asian history, you always hear about the two failed Mongol invasions of Japan in the late 1300s. Yet me know very...

Sand mining negative affects on Vietnam

National Geographic is one of the many publications taking a look at the negatives affect of sand...
Saigon Siblings

Saigon Siblings (formerly Vietcetera Cafe)

Today, Saigon Siblings, formerly Vietcetera Cafe, had their rebranding celebration at their first coffee location. Saigon Siblings is run by a fellow...
Filthy Vegan, Saigon

Filthy Vegan – new Saigon vegan restaurant

Filthy Vegan, run by the same infamous owner of Bookworm's Coffee, just recently opened a new vegan restaurant near the corner of...