Bloggers and Vloggers in Vietnam

Updated on October 5, 2019

This list has changed since I last updated it back in 2013. Over 30 blogs have been removed but I was able to add 11 new active bloggers. This list will now focus just on active Bloggers and, for the first time, Vloggers. I also intend to add popular Instagram and Facebook Pages as well.

Vietnam Bloggers and Expat media sites

  1. Antidote To Burnout (Mel)
  2. Biking Vietnam
  3. Chip 2.0 (Huyen)
  4. Christina’s Blog
  5. City Pass Guide
  6. Elka Ray – Author of Hanoi Jane
  7. Fiery Bread
  8. HanoiGrapevine
  9. Hello Saigon
  10. Inside Asia
  11. Love at 1st Shine
  12. Mien Pham’s Blog (former owner of HanoiGrapevine)
  13. Please Fruits EN (Hiro)
  14. RustyCompass
  15. Saigoneer
  16. Saigonist
  18. Tell me about Hanoi
  19. Tin Tran
  20. Troy Nguyen – Your man in Vietnam (a bit sarcastic –> you have been warned!)
  21. Vietcetera
  22. Vietnam Coracle
  23. Vietnam is Awesome
  24. Wanderlust Wendy
  25. XO Tours Blog

Vietnam Vloggers

  1. Ancari Room – Akari Nakatani (Japanese Expat in Saigon)
  2. Antonio Gravita’s FirePoAm
  3. Ba Tan Vlog – One of the most popular vlogs in Vietnam (in Vietnamese)
  4. Bite Size AsiaNEW
  5. HanQuocBros HQB – Korean Expats in Vietnam
  6. Joyce Le – Singaporean Expat in Saigon
  7. Pham Dung – famous Vietnamese Vlogger (In Vietnamese)

Overseas Vietnamese Vloggers

  1. Chill with Linh (Japan vlogger)
  2. Kyle Le Dot Net (Vietnamese Global Vlogger)
  3. Vietglish for Fun (Kayla Nguyen’s famous vlog on teaching Vietnamese)


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