Getting stopped by the traffic police (CSGT) in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Motorcycles Apr 6, 2018

Back in January, 2018, I got pulled over by the infamous traffic police (CGST) in the Phu Nhuan District. I was stopped for being in the left lane (which is just for cars). As you can tell from the videos below, I was actually in the middle lane which is permitted for motorbikes/motorcycles (as well as the right lane). I actually knew this when I was stopped. What was really interesting was that the two traffic policemen that dealt with me had their backs turned to me when I was “stopped” by the traffic police carry the baton.

As you can see, they let me go. I did have my A2 driver’s license and blue registration card. It was interesting. The original video (first one below) garnered over 30,000 views in Vietnam, the most for any of my videos, ever.

My Vietnamese sucks but I understood what they were saying.

Original Video (music)

Full Video with audio


Kevin Miller

RPCV Kazakhstan and former US Marine. Tech, social media & marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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