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tech@saigonnezumi: Technology related posts and video interviews of tech leaders, open source, etc., throughout Vietnam and the World.

OnePlus 6T

My Linux Phones (from 2005 – present)

Edited on Dec. 7, 2018: It is common knowledge amongst my friends that I am a Linux gadget freak, especially in regards to mobile phones. ...

WeGene says I am part Chinese

About a month ago I decided to to upload my 23andme dna results to WeGene. Within a day I got my results. Just look...

Measuring Steps: Fitbit vs iPhone

I always have to break it to people that use Fitbit such as myself. Fitbit is a great activity and heart rate monitor but...

One terrabyte external hard drive

I have been downloading alot of Japanese drama. It helps me relearn Japanese. The problem was that I was running out of room on...

iCloud to the rescue

I am still using my iPhone 6S+. With all my videos that I was posting, I started to have space issues. For some reason...

Moodle grading in Shanghai 

We had midterms this week. I gave my Grade 10s their midterm exam on Moodle saving me time in grading.  It still took me...
systemd in Centos 7

systemctl versus service in CentOS 7

Well, traveling and working around the world, I did not keep up with any technology news.  Unfortunately for me, it meant I missed the...