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Kampung Pandan - Halal restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

New Halal Saigon Restaurant (Kampung Pandan)

There is a new halal restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam, now catering to the halal travelers community, particularly those from Malaysia.  It is called Kampung...
Vietnam Airlines A350

Another Vietnam Airlines Video (Airbus A350)

Last month the new Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787 made news with its spectacular takeoff.  Now Airbus has made a new video showing the construction...

English Teacher Jobs in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

A friend asked me to post this position for those interested in teaching English in the Quang Ninh Province. Job Announcement in Quang Ninh province,...
Facebook issues - Samsung Note 4

Samsung Note 4 Woes

Well, actually just a few woes since I upgraded to the last version of 5.0.1 on my Samsung Note 4.  Overall, I am happy...

Models and Trains at Yodobashi Fukuoka

On my return back to Fukuoka a week ago, I got to visit the famous Yodobashi Fukuoka shopping complex near Hakata Station. Wow, what...

Hakata at night

Hakata, the old name of Fukuoka, reminds me so much of Singapore. Both busy and quiet at the samw time. I took these night...

Tiny cars in Sasebo

If you travel in Japan, get used to tiny. I feel like they get smaller every timw I visit Japan. Posted from Samsung Galaxy...