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Sticy rice and a motorcycle

Which is stronger, sticky rice or a motorcycle? Well, when I tried to turn left, I learned the hard way. I just turned right...

300cc Club Bike Night

Last Wednesday night I went out with a couple members of a young 300cc Club. We were made up of two Z300s and one...

I love my Arrow exhaust

Yeah, I got a after market exhaust on My Kawasaki Z300 motorcycle. Yes, it is a bit loud but needed on the streets of...

Gear indicator on my Z300

Some will say it is not necessary but I added it anyway. Sometimes you have to repeatedly switch gears on the streets of Saigon....
SaigonNezumi z300 channel

Kawasaki Z300 YouTube Channel

I have created a YouTube Page for my Kawasaki Z300 motorcycle trips. Right now they contain videos I post to Instagram and Facebook. I...

Power Commander waiting to be installed

Been quite busy the last couple of weeks. I had no time to install my Dynojet Power Commander on my Kawasaki Z300. I will...

2018 Blue Kawasaki Z300 at Motorock

2018 model for the Z300 is available. Only 10 of the blue ones left. 149 million VND total including tax and registration. Great looking...