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AmerasianWorld.com’s Salaam Central Asia Relaunched

After being down for over a year, I finally relaunched AmerasianWorld.com's "Salaam Central Asia". Salaam Central Asia was my first website devoted my experiences...

Crossfit Gyms

One of the joys for Olympic Weightlifters now is that there are many places to lift due to the popularity of Crossfit. This was...

Got to love Air Astana 

I fly Air Astana quite a bit since moving to Kazakhstan in November, 2013.  Last week was my last flight on the return to...
Russian Air Force

Russian Air Force (Video)

Residing both in Kazakhstan and Vietnam, you do get to see Russian-made air force planes.  They are amazing.  I have always been a fan...

Air Astana Flight 867 landing in Aktau

Air Astana Flight 867 landing in Aktau in an Airbus A320 from Almaty. This is my first domestic flight across Kazakhstan. I flew this...

Almaty International Airport tarmac

I finally got some more pictures of the Almaty International Airport from my plane.  It is not often I have the time to get...

Nauryz celebration at my school

A week ago my school celebrated Nauryz. My students prepared one of the best tables with food from India, Pakistan and some local Kazakh...