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Vegetable Navrathana Korma at Babas Kitchen

Today I tried the Vegetable Navrathana Korma at Babas Kitchen in District 1. It was pretty good though I have a preference for the...
Kampung Pandan - Halal restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

New Halal Saigon Restaurant (Kampung Pandan)

There is a new halal restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam, now catering to the halal travelers community, particularly those from Malaysia.  It is called Kampung...
Beef about to be cooked

Great Beef place in the Tan Phu District

I visited this beef place last night in the Tan Phu Districts towards the outskirts of Saigon.  The food there was really great and...
Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant (Saigon, Vietnam)

Golden Elephant Thai Food

A long term favorite for Thai food is Golden Elephant located in District 1 (on Hai Ba Trung street just down the road from...

Vuvuzela Beer Club

I visited my friend, Quynh Anh, at Vuvuzela Beer Club today. It is one of the newest beer houses in Saigon only open for...

Al Frescos – Dong Du, Saigon

Al Frescos is by far my favorite place for lunch. Tony and I meet several times a week here now. The staff is great...

Yamaneko Set Lunch

Well, after reviewing this post, I realized that the picture I took was from Yamaneko, a great Okinawan cuisine restaurant, not from Tokyo Deli. ...