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Saigon Traffic Police CGST

Getting stopped by the traffic police (CSGT) in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Back in January, 2018, I got pulled over by the infamous traffic police (CGST) in the Phu Nhuan District. I was stopped for being in the left lane (which is just for cars). As you can tell from the videos below, I was actually in the middle lane which is permitted for motorbikes/motorcycles (as well […]

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Insalata salad in Saigon

Had this good salad from Insalata. I chose the salad with tuna fish so not entirely vegetarian. It was good and timely delivered. You can order from their website: https://insalatavn.com Related posts: Great Beef place in the Tan Phu District The Daun Halal Restaurant This is life CCCP Saigon – Russian restaurant with grechka 40,000 […]

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