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Why I like the command line - Shanghai

Teaching Command Line in Shanghai 

One of things I try to instill in my ICT and Computer Science students is the importance of the command line.  For most of...

Bookshelf PCs and Linux = Awesome

Played around with this little LeanPC last week at The American School of Vietnam.  I was running LEMP on it for my students.  I...

PHP 5.3 PCRE_EXEC APC Error [Resolved)

I just recently ran into some issues with my Linode virtual private server after my last PHP (Nginx/Php-Fpm) update.  I started getting the following...

tech@saigonnezumi update for 4/2/2012

Here is an update of interesting tech articles for today: 1. 7 Free Instagram alternatives for Android Instagram is still not yet available for us Android...

tech@saigonnezumi Update

Another small tech@saigonnezumi update. Below are updates for Thursday, March 26, 2012: 1. Red Hat Becomes first Billionaire Open Source Company Great news from Red Hat, the creators of...
Vietnamese language Linux book in Saigon

Linux in Saigon :-)

I was at the bookstore last Sunday and I found my first Vietnamese language Linux book.  Amazing!!!  
New Android User in Saigon

Another Android Convert in Saigon

My friend returned from Malaysia with her new Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet.  I remember back in October, 2008, people thought I was crazy for...