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Shop Fuji Lazada Homepage

Shop Fuji – Japanese food in Vietnam

Being a person of Japanese ancestry, I have to have my Japanese food. Buying Japanese food in Saigon can get a bit...
Finished Vegetarian Curry

Vegetarian Japanese Curry Rice (high protein)

Since transitioning to a predominately plant-based diet, one dishes that I enjoy more is my Japanese curry rice dish. It was the easiest to...

Yakisoba in Saigon

I am a fan of yakisoba. I eat yakisoba with rice and vegetables at least three times a week. I bought this brand from...


Mugicha, a barley tea, is the main stay in Japanese homes served cold in summer. As a kid, I hated mugicha. Now I drink...

My favorite item that I will bring to Kazakhstan

Just bought 10 blocks of Japanese curry that should last me last a few months in Almaty. I have not found any curry blocks...

Shabu Shabu Japanese Hot Pot

Being part Japanese I got to have my Japanese food occasionally.  I went to Shabu Shabu, at the new Vincom, with my friends this...
Yamaneko Restaurant (Saigon, Vietnam)

Japanese food in Saigon

More pictures of Japanese food, Yamaneko is one of my favorite places for Okinawan cuisine.