Vegetarian Japanese Curry Rice (high protein)

Food and Drink Jun 30, 2018

Since transitioning to a predominately plant-based diet, one dishes that I enjoy more is my Japanese curry rice dish. It was the easiest to transition from meat to vegetarian. Since I do not have to cook any meat, I can save 5-10 minutes of cooking time as well.

One of my biggest requirements for a Japanese curry dish is that it must be high in protein. In the past, that was easy, I just added meat. Now that I do not eat red meat or poultry anymore, I really need to be sure I can get my protein from plants and grains. Luckily this is easy to do. Below is my step by step in making my Japanese vegetarian curry.

For starters, I always buy these tiny red potatoes. I wash them thoroughly so I can use the skins. These tiny potatoes trick my brain to think there is actually meat in my curry.

Potatoes - Japanese Vegetarian Curry

Got to add carrots as well which I sauteed in coconut oil.

Carrots - Japanese Vegetarian Curry

I need to add peas and cauliflower as well. These peas are a good source of protein. I never skimp out on peas. Traditional Japanese curry rice dishes will have peas as well for an added taste. 

Peas and cauliflower - Japanese Vegetarian Curry

Another good source of protein, I will add the tofu as well but at the end of the sauteed process.

Tofu - Japanese Vegetarian Curry

One of the main sources of protein in my Japanese curry rice dishes is grechka (left), also known as buckwheat barley. It is a Russian grain I grew to like when living in Kazakhstan. On the right is the curry block I use for my curry dishes. Rumors is that it may contain some cheese which makes it vegetarian, not vegan. There are no meat products in this curry block.

Grechka and Golden Curry Block

After sauteing, I will add water and then let the curry simmer for about 25 minutes. Some people may add coconut powder her as well to add a sweetened taste to their curry.

Below is my grechka and Japonica rice mixture. I add about 3 cups of grechka to 2 cups of Japonica rice. It makes for a great tasting rice combination with added protein.

Grechka and Japonica rice

After adding the Japanese curry block, simmer another 5 minutes until your curry looks like this. It is now ready to be added on top of rice.

Finished Vegetarian Curry

Below is my finished vegetarian Japanese curry rice. I tend to mix the dish together but others will prefer a more Japanese style. They will pour the curry on a plate next to the rice.

Vegetarian Curry Dish

When I am finished with this batch of curry, I will then freeze it. For a week, this curry batch will be my post-workout meal ensuring that I get the necessary protein for my diet.

Each week I will change the vegetables sometimes adding broccoli or another type of potatoes. You can add frozen vegetables as well. Overall, it is a great dish to make for a vegetarian. For vegans, you can just use curry powder but it will take a bit longer to prepare.

Enjoy, stay healthy!


Kevin Miller

RPCV Kazakhstan and former US Marine. Tech, social media & marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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