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Tiamo Coffee Sign

Tiamo Coffee Shop – Binh Thanh District (#Saigon)

Thanks to Lee, my friend who helped me find Ha Lan last weekend, I can now add a new quiet coffee shop to my list of places to spend a couple hours in each week here in Saigon.  Tiamo Coffee shop is a relatively new coffee shop located on the outskirts of Saigon in the Binh Thanh District.  It is in indoor/outdoor coffee shop with plenty of comfortable seating.

The owners of Tiamo seem to have lived in Europe for a part of their lives, not confirmed though.  They have many vintage records, cameras and I think record players.  Last night when I visited Tiamo, the Beattle’s Greatest Hits were being played.  The owners are quite nice, there is even a nice “weiner” dog roaming the coffee shop, a scene you do not see in Saigon everyday.

There is no air conditioning but no worries.  On the hottest day (more…)

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Le Creperie Saigon

La Creperie Brittany Restaurant in Saigon

Update: If you want the free Brittany Kir cocktail, please email Vincent at  v.page@lacreperie.com.cn

Edit: The free cocktail is Brittany Kir, not wine.  My mistake.

A couple weeks ago, I was extended an invitation to visit the new La Creperie Restaurant in District 1.  La Creperie is the first authentic Brittany French restaurant to open in Saigon.  (First 50 people who comment below will get a free Brittany Kir.  See details below.) (more…)

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