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My First Kazakh Host Family

My First Kazakh Host Family – Peace Corps Kazakhstan

This was my first Kazakh host family during my Peace Corps training in Kapchagai, Kazakhstan.  Unfortunately I only spent a couple months with them...
Kapchagai, Kazakhstan

Kapchagai, Kazakhstan (1997)

Here is a photo from memory lane.  I am with my Kazakh host sister in Kapchagai, Kazakhstan, during my Peace Corps Pre-Service Training.  Amazing,...
Karatau Lyceum in Winter - Karatau, Kazakhstan

Karatau Lyceum in Winter

This was my first winter in Karatau, Kazakhstan.  It was quite cold, we got a lot of snow.  Still, it was so beautiful.  I...
Karatau, Kazakhstan

Welcome to Karatau

I took a picture of this sign in 1997.  It was first uploaded unto one of my old websites in 2000.  Now, if there...
Karatau Mosque 1997

Karatau Mosque – 1997

When I lived in Karatau, Kazakhstan, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, there were two mosques in the town.  With Saudi funding, the townspeople started...
Riskul - Karatau Lyceum


This picture was one that surprised me when I saw it in the US.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes. If you look at...
Peace Corps Kazakhstan - Karatau, Kazakhstan

A Cold Christmas (1997)

Winter, 1997, in Karatau, Kazakhstan, was the coldest I ever experienced in my life.  I was at my Peace Corps site for just a...