Million Vet Backlog (video)

LCPL Kevin Miller, Jr., USMCR

One of the most talked about stories in the US is about the nearly 1 million backlog of Veteran Affair's claims for benefits.  Many Vets, including those who served in both Irag and Afghanistan, are having to wait 1-2 years, some longer, for approval to use even the VA Hospital for injuries that incurred during battle.  This is ridiculous.  Some Vets have called for Secretary Shinseki's resignation.  Shinseki has overseen the VA with one of the biggest increases in VA claims ever in the history Continue Reading Updates

Finally chose a new responsive them for  I chose Prose from StudioPress as the new theme.  As you all may have noticed, I have not been happy with my past themes until I chose Prose.  I still have to edit the colors for the entire site but as of now, I am happy with the new themes.  I am hoping I will be more active in blogging again. I have made other more technical changes as well.  For over a year I was using Cloudflare for this blog's main CDN, content delivery network.  Continue Reading