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More photos from Evo Strength and Fitness

Just posting more photos from Evo Strength and Fitness. A great gym for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Evo is getting some Crossfit members as...

Well maintained bars at Evo Strength and Fitness (Saigon)

One of my pet peeves for gyms involves whether the bars are properly maintained or not. Sadly, with the huge popularity of...
Power Racks at Evo Fitness (Saigon)

New Powerlifting Gym in Saigon (Evo Strength Fitness)

Last week I had the chance to visit Evo Strength & Fitness, the newest powerlifting gym in Saigon that can also accommodate Olympic-style weightlifting....

Best Saigon Gyms for Weightlifters

Edited on: January 31, 2020. If you are a weightlifter, such as myself, finding a good gym in Saigon can be challenging. Until the summer,...
Kevin - 400 lb Squat

400 Lbs (181.4 kg) Back Squats

No pain, no gain Pain is just weakness leaving the body What does not kill me, makes me stronger When I was medically discharged from the US...
Leg Press Machine - Get Fit Gym

Put the Weights Back!!!

One of the thing that really irritates me at ANY gym are those guys who load up the bars or machines with weights, do...
Close up of the indentations lef

Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym (Saigon)

I have now been doing Olympic Weightlifting at Get Fit Gym in Saigon for over a couple months now.  My technique is slowly improving...