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Put the Weights Back!!!

One of the thing that really irritates me at ANY gym are those guys who load up the bars or machines with weights, do one or two reps, AND then walk away from the exercise without taking the weights off.  Look at this picture below:

Leg Press Machine – Get Fit Gym

I needed some 20 kg plates for the Bench Press during my workout today.  I could not find any on the racks and then noticed they were all on the Leg Press Machine. WTF!!!  The last user of the Leg Press put 12 20 kg plates plus 6 15 kg plates on the Leg Press and then left.  He obviously did not put the weights back.  I am not sure who the guy was but I told one of the trainer who told me that if they tell him to put the weights back, he gets angry at him.   (more…)

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Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym (Saigon)

I have now been doing Olympic Weightlifting at Get Fit Gym in Saigon for over a couple months now.  My technique is slowly improving though I still have about 6 more months to really get more comfortable with the weights.  I am still just lifting light compared to where I should be at if I […]

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Yes, I do wear high heels

Olympic weightlifters commonly wear their ‘high heeled’ weightlifting shoes in the gym for better balance. They also look cool too. Here are my Adidas weightlifting shoes and Ironmind lifting straps.  Yes, I wear straps and heels. ^_^ Related posts: Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym (Saigon) Put the Weights Back!!! Ripping my hands at […]

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