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What to do?

Normal traffic occurrence in Saigon. Notice guy on his mobile phone.

Kids don’t need helmets

This has been a common occurrence in Vietnam. Kids are riding motorbikes without their helmets. Pretty scary. This bike was riding quite fast as...

The craziness of Saigon motorbikes

The below picture pretty much shows a person must force their way into traffic. I posted the video yesterday on Instagram and Facebook. Motorbikes...

Missing the heavy motorbike traffic in Saigon

One thing I miss about Saigon are the motorbikes. I prefer to ride a motorbike over taking a taxi. More convenient and most of...

So many motorbikes in Yogyakarta

I am traveling in Indonesia now. After a couple days in Jakarta I took the train to Yogyakarta, the second most popular tourist destination...
Motorbike is going in the wrong direction - Saigon

Saigon Road Rules – Anything wrong with this picture

This picture should speak for itself.  What is wrong with this picture? In Saigon, you always have to deal with motorbikes going the opposite way...
Servicing my Yamaha Nouvo LX

Servicing my motorbike

Part of a ritual for me at least every 1500 km here in Saigon.  I decided to get my Yamaha Nouvo LX serviced at...