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Ninja motorbike rider in Saigon

Another crazy motorbike rider in Saigon

These type of crossings are quite irritating. I call them "cow herd block crossings" since motorbikes will go as a group to block oncoming...

Motorbike or Ebike

In Saigon I ride the following: In Shanghai I ride this: Which one do you think is faster? My Ebike can go 80 km on one charge....
Crazy Motorbike Rider in Saigon

Crazy Saigon Motorbike Rider

I was riding around the traffic circle near the Ben Thanh Market today.  There was a tourist in front of me crossing the crosswalk...
Little Cub - Saigon

Little “Super” Cub 2 – Saigon

Another close up of the Little Cub...
Honda Super Cub in Saigon

Little “Super” Cub in Saigon

I love this bike, the Honda Super Cubs are popular here in Vietnam.  Too bad they are too small for me.  I saw this...
Parking at Baba's Kitchen - Saigon

Motorbike Parking at Baba’s Kitchen

Baba's Kitchen is the most popular Indian restaurant in Saigon as you can tell by the parking.
Yamaha Service Center - Saigon

Motorbike being serviced

I got in to an accident before Tet.  A minivan hit my front tire knocking some rust into my fuel line.  My motorbike stopped...