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Northern Thali Babas Kitchen Saigon

Northern Thali at Baba’s Kitchen (Saigon)

One of my favorite dishes at Baba's Kitchen is the Northern Thali. According to Baba's Kitchen's menu, a thali is:
Baba's Kitchen Saigon

Baba’s Kitchen (District 1) new location

Baba's Kitchen's District 1 location will be moving on July 5th, 2018. Babas will be moving to the end of Bui Vien Street at...

Vegetarian curry at Babas Kitchen Thao Dien

I decided to take a motorcycle ride to Thao Dien today. Stopping at Babas Kitchen in Thao Dien was a perfect excuse. It just...

Vegetable Navrathana Korma at Babas Kitchen

Today I tried the Vegetable Navrathana Korma at Babas Kitchen in District 1. It was pretty good though I have a preference for the...

Babas Kitchen (Summer 2016)

As everyone may know, I spend a fair amount of time at Babas Kitchen when I am in Saigon. It continues to be rated...

Saturday Buffet at Babas Kitchen

My big Saturday treat. After I workout at the new Get Fit Gym in District 4, I head to Babas for the all you...

Great meal at Indus Indian Restaurant

Since Bon Mua was closed for renovation, Tony and I head next door to Indus Indian Restaurant on 11-2G Thi Sachin street in District...