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Water spray from truck in Vietnam

Water Spray from Truck in Highway DT10 (Long An Province)

Another video taking place on Highway DT10 in the Long An Province on the way to Duc Hoa, Vietnam. I was riding behind this...
Dangerous track passing another truck in Long An Province, Vietnam

Dangerous truck passing in Long An Province

This is a start of four postings of my motorcycle trips just for this week. Riding on the highway can be a bit dangerous in...
Kawasaki Z300 in the Long An Province, Vietnam

My Kawasaki Z300 during Tet 2018

Just showing off my bike. This lake is located in the Long An Province.

Water quality in Duc Hoa (Long An Province)

Took these readings in Duc Hoa just outside of Ho Chi Minh City in the Long An Province. Duc Hoa Tap Water The tap water was...