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Bitexco Financial Tower from Calmette Bridge

Monday shots from Calmette Bridge crossing from District 1 to District 4. It was a good day for some pictures. Lots of construction occurring in District 4. It is rumored this area, in District 4, will become part of District 1 in the future. Related posts: Xmas at Vincom Scoozi Pizza The Daun Halal Restaurant […]

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AirVisual Node with July 15, 2017, AQI reading in Saigon, Vietnam.

Cleaner Indoor Air in Saigon (Vietnam)

After four years out of Vietnam, I have finally returned “home” to Saigon. There have been much changes to the city. Development seems quite higher than when I first left in 2013. You see new apartment buildings and shopping centers across the city. More cars and motorbikes clog the streets. More factories have moved from […]

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