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Chilly – 17 C morning in Almaty

Just woke up. Today is Independence Day in Kazakhstan. No work today and tomorrow. It also means I get to see the sunrise over...
Air Astana KC907 over the Alatau Mountains

Air Astana KC907 over the Alatau Mountains (Kyrgyzstan)

I missed flying over the Alatau Mountains.  The last time I ever took photos from the air over Kyrgzystan was on an Air Kyrgyzstan...

Air Astana over the Alatau Mountains

It has been 15 years since I last took photos of the Alatau Mountains from an airplane. In 1999, I was flying with Air...

Autumn in summer by the mountains

Yesterday I went with ProfiAsia to the mountains not far from my apartment for a picnic. We had a great time in the mountains...

A beautiful Monday Morning in Almaty

Nothing can beat these views on a Monday morning. Posted from WordPress for Android

In the Alatau Mountains

My former Karatau student took me into the mountains today right at sunset. It was amazing how beautiful the Alatau Mountains are. One reason...

Sunset over the Alatau Mountains

What a beautiful site.  We had a lot of snow this week.  Today was unusually warm again which normally means clear skies.  I just...