DIY Vietnamese Air Purifier 6 Hour Test

Clean Tech Jan 15, 2018

Last week I conducted several tests with my DIY Air Purifer with a SmartAir HEPA filter and Vietnamese fan. The results of testing two rooms at 40 square meters was good. The next day I tested the same DIY air purifier in the test bedroom roughly 20 square meters. As you can see below, it was another bad air day in Saigon.

Saigon AQI at start of test
Saigon AQI at start of test

Start of Test

This test only used the Vietnamese DIY Air Purifier. I used the LaserEgg to measure the PM 2.5. The room was left sealed for the entire 6 hours of the test. Starting PM 2.5 for the room was 157 AQI, a bit higher than outside.

Immediate Results

Since the room is 20 square meters, there were immediate results for the test. Not even 30 minutes passed when the AQI dropped to 118. Not bad for a cheap air purifier and an old HEPA filter. Please note, the LaserEgg was labelled kitchen but I had placed it in the bedroom during the entire test.

LaserEgg reading after 30 minutes
LaserEgg reading after 30 minutes

One Hour

This was impressive. The room went down to 50 AQI after one hour. That is right at the safe level for US standards for clean air. Definitely clean for Chinese standards.

LaserEgg reading after one hour
LaserEgg reading after one hour

Clean Air

In under one and a half hours, the air is safe and healthy to breath. Test was a success but I still had 5 hours left.

LaserEgg reading in the good air
LaserEgg reading in the good air

After 5 hours

I forgot to screenshot the results between hours 2 thru 4. By hour 5 the room was maintained at 38 AQI.

LaserEgg reading 5 hour reading
LaserEgg reading 5 hour reading

End of Test

After six hours the final reading was 29 AQI. The air was still not good outside.


Six hours of the test showed the strength of the Vietnamese DIY air purifier. The HEPA filter is 6 months old now so I was surprised it could still clean as well. It did not get to the 4 AQI like the SmartAir test in the past. Again that is due to the older HEPA filter.

My next test will use the same HEPA filter but with the SmartAir fans using my previous two tests as a benchmark. Stay tuned for future tests.


Kevin Miller

RPCV Kazakhstan and former US Marine. Tech, social media & marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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