Back to Saigon in Summer, 2017

Saigon Feb 13, 2017
Today I took a look at the site statistics for No surprises, the traffic is way down. When I check the yearly traffic since 2012, I was a bit surprised. The stats clearly showed that my blog was getting a decrease in visitors ever since I left Vietnam in 2013. In fact, the visits in 2013 were a little off from 2012 but by 2014 and onward, the traffic dropped. Three years in Kazakhstan and 6 months in China have affected my blog.
Again, no surprises here. Those visiting Saigon Nezumi want Saigon related posts. I tried during my visits to Saigon to update my blogs but they ended up being photo posts. This will change in July, 2017.
I am coming back to Vietnam
Yes, you read right. July, 2017, I will move back to Saigon. I do not plan to work outside Vietnam again in my life. Hence, you will see more updates to my blog. There is much to write about again in the bustling city of Saigon.
Some projects I plan on working on include opening a gym that focuses on Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. This will be a venture with a friend. I also want to open a learning experience keeping one foot in education. Finally, another Vietnamese friend and I are about to launch a site together. More about that next month.
Saigon Nezumi Update
Saigon Nezumi will switch to a more minimal theme as in the past. I will also archive much of the content and use fewer categories. I will again write about the life of an expat living in Vietnam.
In the meantime, I will limit the posts until my final move in the summer.
Stay tuned…


Kevin Miller

RPCV Kazakhstan and former US Marine. Tech, social media & marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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