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Since 2006, Kevin has been writing for SaigonNezumi.com, one of the longest Expat Blogs for Vietnam. Kevin is an experienced STEM Teacher with a background in IBMYP Design, Media/Drama (MYP Visual Arts) and IBDP Computer Science. He also has a background in business development focusing on the ICT sector.

Tired in Saigon

Well, week 2 in Saigon has been a little more difficult than week 1. Last week I only got around 4-5 hours of sleep....

I love Pho!!!

Last night the Director of Operations for an Amerasian organization and I headed out of Saigon to an English school. It was a long...

I can’t say Ngoc!!!

Okay, last night this English teacher kept trying to get me to pronounce her name, Ngoc. I could not. It was so difficult. I...

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Well, I have now been in Saigon for couple days now. Should be here until Aug., 2005. The weather is great, the people are nice...

In Singapore

Okay, that was a long flight. Can't believe I have another 15 hours before I will arrive in Saigon. I now have...

To the Airport in 3 and 1/2 Hours

Wow, last night was interesting. My friend and I went to the Rock Bottom Brewery, http://www.rockbottom.com/, in Lynnwood. It is a good restaurant but...

Last Minute Packing

Darn, I overslept today.  I can't even go on a run.  I still haven't packed for the trip.  I have to make sure I...