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Since 2006, Kevin has been writing for SaigonNezumi.com, one of the longest Expat Blogs for Vietnam. Kevin is an experienced STEM Teacher with a background in IBMYP Design, Media/Drama (MYP Visual Arts) and IBDP Computer Science. He also has a background in business development focusing on the ICT sector.

Proud Owner of a Yamaha Nouvo

Well I finally did it. Last night I bought a brand new red/white Yamaha Nouvo. Chau's brother and the landlord came along to check...

Traditional Medicine to the Rescue

Okay, I knew it would happen one day in Vietnam. I got really sick yesterday. Actually, I have been sick with stomach problems since...


Well, I got the full day off today. Finally. I was exhausted. Yesterday, on the way back from Saigon, my motorbike driver was...

Jogging in Thu Duc, HCMC

The last time I went on a run was about a month ago in Seattle. Today I finally went out for a short jog...

7 More Mosquito Bites

How can it be? I wore MOSQUITO REPELLENT last night when I went out on our balcony to lie on the hammock. I put...

My Visa was Extended

My tourist visa was changed to a business visa today :-) Chau and I picked it up in Saigon from a travel agency. I...

All Alone in Saigon

Well, I knew this was going to happen even before I left for Vietnam. Jon took off on a flight back to the US....