Illegal Preschools and consequences in HCMC

nursemaids saigon - preschool

Recently a video made it through the social networks about two nursemaids who were beating and torturing their young students, at an unregistered preschool in the Thu Duc District.  When I heard about the story a couple days ago, I was shocked but not surprised.  With the large number of newborns here in Vietnam in recent years, you just knew many people here would use it as an opportunity to make money from it.  Hence, scores of unregistered, and registered, preschools have opened up across Continue Reading

Sunshine After the Rain


Let’s face it, the weather forecast for this winter isn't exactly surprising. With snow, wind and rain predicted for the next three months, a sunshine escape is just what the doctor ordered. So why not book one of the many last minute holidays available to you and get away from the drab drizzle for a while? Whether it's a few days away, or an entire week or fortnight, you'll return refreshed and relaxed and all the more ready to return to work – and the notorious British weather. There are Continue Reading

In Saigon


Been back for 5 days now. Enjoying it but I am missing Almaty already. Saigon is definitely warmer with a vibrant life of its own. Got a couple pictures from the Tan Phu District last weekend. Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading

Price difference between Almaty and Saigon


I know my friend says do not compare Vietnam with Kazakhstan but I cannot help myself. I am back in Saigon now for holidays. A couple weeks ago I was going to print my Kazakh language book in Almaty.  After totaling up the number of pages, I would have had to pay over $20 USD to print the whole book. In Saigon I printed the same book for $3.75 USD. Things are cheaper here in Saigon. Today I started loading up on my Japanese curry which I cannot get in Almaty. I bought an electric shaver Continue Reading

Cosa Coffee


I am back in Saigon now for the holidays. Across from my alleyway is Cosa Coffee which is kind of funny. In Almaty I always go to Costa Coffee. Maybe this is a reminder for. Me to return? :-) Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading