Chasing the Father's Shadow: Vietnamese Children of Japanese Soldiers

Vietnam Jul 31, 2018

This was an interesting documentary by NHK World that looked at the children of Japanese soldiers and their Vietnamese wives. A friend sent me the link when I mentioned to him about attending a Japanese party here in Saigon there roughly 14 of the children were all half Japanese and half Vietnamese. This topic has always been an interest of mine since I have always wondered if there were mix Japanese/Vietnamese children of war in Vietnam.

It is a great documentary. You can watch the video at this link ->

Children of Japanese Soldiers and Vietnamese Wives
Children of Japanese Soldiers and Vietnamese Wives


Kevin Miller

A Japanese Amerasian's Journey from the Caspian Sea to Vietnam heading to Japan. I am a RPCV Kazakhstan and a former US Marine. I am also the Tech, Social Media & Marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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