Vietnamese Government releases circular to tackle blogging violations

Yesterday the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) released a circular to regulate and enforce blogging rules in Vietnam. According to Thanh Nien News, the circular states that bloggers will be held responsible for providing, disseminating, and creating direct links that are in direct violation of the decree issued last August that "...forbids the circulation of information which undermines Vietnam’s national security and social order, revealing classified information, or Continue Reading

Christmas Eve at Pinky Ice Cream

Last night I stopped by Pinky Ice Cream on 20Bis Troung Dinh in District 3.  I have been wanting to stop at this place many times since I see it everyday.  To my surprise, it is actually a good place for ice cream.  I ordered the ice cream cake which was very good and comparable to what you can get at Bud's Ice Cream.  It is even as good as Dream Cones. My only disappointment was the Coke Cola Float.  For one, they did not use real Coke and two, the cola used was, umm, warm.  Hence the Coke Continue Reading

Vietnamese Football Fans vandalized my house (Pictures)

Finally, here are some photos of my damaged house.  Not sure what the costs of the repairs will be.  Last night Vietnam beat Thailand 2-1.    There were a lot of traffic again around our alleyway but little damage.  Just mostly young guys racing their motorbikes, without helmets, with their girlfriends sitting behind them.  By midnight things were quiet again. (Two marble panes, 1 wooden siding and doorbell were damaged) (Closer view) (In total, 8 Vietnamese flags were Continue Reading

Vietnamese Football Fans vandalized my house

Here is something you will not see in the news here in Saigon.  After Vietnam's victory over Thailand last night, football fans watching the game at the cafes near my house ran down the alleyway and started stealing the Vietnam flag attached to the houses. The neighbors told me that they went to the flags attached to my house and ripped the flag and mount off the marble wall.  This created a lot of damage to the marble but then they continued to tear off a wooden siding as well (probably to Continue Reading

Blogging Boom Faces Gov’t Blockages (Helen Clark – IPS News)

Helen Clark published her article in relation to the new blogging regulation for Vietnam last Friday.  Originally, the blogging regulation was supposed to include all bloggers but has since focused just on bloggers who host blogs within Vietnam. Anh Hung (Fresco 2.0), Chris Harvey (charvey in Vietnam), and I were interviewed by Helen Clark via telephone.   This will be Anh Hung's second interview.  Over a week ago, he appeared in Geoffrey Caines' SFGate article, Bloggers the new rebels in Continue Reading