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Banh mi Katsu - Banh Mi Boys

Vietnamese Cajun Food Fusion in Louisiana

Amazing! Vice did a great piece on the influence of Vietnamese Americans in the Cajun state of Louisiana. Who would have imagined...
Cessna 152 landing in Seattle

Cessna 152 Landing in Seattle

I took this shot way back in 1996 from the pilot's seat with my flight instructor at the controls.  From 1995, I was learning...
Landing at Boeing Field (Seattle, Wa.)

Landing, Touch and Go, 13 L, BFI

I am flying the Cessna 152 at Boeing Field International Airport in Seattle, Washington.  Runway 13L is the "small" runway used especially for training....
Flight Equipment Marines - Parachute Rigger School

Parachute Riggers

The Parachute Rigger School.  The good old days at NAS Memphis.  It was funny since the Naval Air Station was not located in Memphis,...
Cessna 152 - Hillsboro, Oregon

Cessna 152

My faithful Cessna 152.  Just a two-seater, not a whole lot of horsepower.  Still fun to fly.  I took this plane from Seattle, Washington,...
Forward Slip - Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington

Forward Slip

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot.  As a kid, I wanted to be a Japan Airlines pilot.  In college...
Flight Equipment Marine - PFC Kevin Miller. Jr.

A fighter pilot

As a kid, I had always wanted to be a fighter pilot.  the closest I ever got was when I was a Flight Equipment...