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Matsunaga from Saga, Japan

Patternz helps Japanese families find their family crests (kamon)

Matsunaga Family from Saga I have been very interested in researching the history of my Japanese mother's family heritage. Growing up, she told me stories...

Tiny cars in Sasebo

If you travel in Japan, get used to tiny. I feel like they get smaller every timw I visit Japan. Posted from Samsung Galaxy...

Kameyama Hachiman-g? Shrine

Shinto, Sasebo, Japan, 2015

Beautiful Sasebo (2015)

Just some more shots of Sasebo, Japan. It is a beautiful city on the island of Kyushu. Expect to see future posts of Sasebo...

Sasebo River

Some shots of the Sasebo River near the Arcade. Posted from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Kevin Miller Jr

Downtown Sasebo (2015)

I last took a picture of downtown Sasebo bavk in June, 2002. Not much has changed since then. Posted from Samsung Galaxy Note 4...

Sasebo Burger

Before I left for Sasebo, I read that the Sasebo Burger was popular in Sasebo. It was created to serve the US Navy Saliors...