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Chill with Linh Vietname vlogger in Japan

Vietnamese Vlogger in Japan

Chill with Linh In addition to watching vlogs (and reading blogs) in Vietnam, I like to keep updated on...
Matsunaga from Saga, Japan

Patternz helps Japanese families find their family crests (kamon)

Matsunaga Family from Saga I have been very interested in researching the history of my Japanese mother's family heritage. Growing up, she told me stories...

Models and Trains at Yodobashi Fukuoka

On my return back to Fukuoka a week ago, I got to visit the famous Yodobashi Fukuoka shopping complex near Hakata Station. Wow, what...

Hakata at night

Hakata, the old name of Fukuoka, reminds me so much of Singapore. Both busy and quiet at the samw time. I took these night...

I love Japanese toilets

If you ever used one, you will know what I mean. Who needs toilet paper if you have one of these Japanese smart toilets....

Ninja WiFi 4G in Japan

This is how I stayed connected while in Japan: I picked it up at the Arrival Floor (outside Customs) at the Fukuoka International Airport Terminal....

Space Battleship Yamato Model

I could not help myself at Yodobashi today. A childhood favorite, Space Battleship Yamato Model was there. Snap fit. Easy to assemble. Roughly $24...