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Thu Thiem Tunnel from District 2 of Saigon

View of Thu Thiem Tunnel from District 2

I make this trip at least once a week now. This leg can get nerve racking since I am always entering it...
Saigon Thu Thiem Tunnel

Thu Thiem Tunnel in Saigon (video)

I am riding through Thu Thiem Tunnel going under the Saigon River from District 2 to District 1 on my Kawasaki Z300. I pass...

Vegetarian curry at Babas Kitchen Thao Dien

I decided to take a motorcycle ride to Thao Dien today. Stopping at Babas Kitchen in Thao Dien was a perfect excuse. It just...

Air Quality in Thao Dien

The perception of many in Saigon is that the air quality in Thao Dien is better than District 1. In fact, at noon today...

View from Ham Thu Thiem

I never knew this area existed. Take a look of the view from near the Ham Thu Thiem area just across from District 4....

Just Kidding Family Entertainment Center

Visited the new Just Kidding Family Entertainment Center in Thao Dien yesterday. It owned by my friend of a friend. I call Just Kidding...

Babas Kitchen Delivery & Catering in Thao Dien

Robin and Steve just opened another halal kitchen serving their famous Indian cuisine. For those living in Thao Dien and An Phu, delivery times...