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Sri Lankan Buffet at Baba's Kitchen Saigon

Sri Lankan Buffet at Baba’s Kitchen (Thao Dien)

Every Sunday at Baba's Kitchen in Thao Dien, the Sri Lankan chef prepares a Sri Lankan buffet. It has become one of...

Vegetarian curry at Babas Kitchen Thao Dien

I decided to take a motorcycle ride to Thao Dien today. Stopping at Babas Kitchen in Thao Dien was a perfect excuse. It just...

Vegetable Navrathana Korma at Babas Kitchen

Today I tried the Vegetable Navrathana Korma at Babas Kitchen in District 1. It was pretty good though I have a preference for the...

Cafe Sua Da at Baba’s Kitchen

Drinking this now while I wait for the rain to stop. Posted from WordPress for Android

Nice cool coconut

Sometimes nothing tastes better then a nice cool coconut with a glass of water. I got mine today at Babas Kitchen. The price of...

Stellas from Baba’s Kitchen

Stellas, now known as New Stellar Vietnam, used to be one of the favorite locations for Expats and Tourists in Saigon. It still gets...

Masala tea at Babas Kitchen

I guarantee that I will not sleep tonight. Robin gave me a mug of masala tea with probably one of the highest caffeine of...