Prambanan Temples in Yogyakarta

Indonesia Aug 18, 2014

Well, I finally got some time to update SaigonNezumi with details of my trip to Indonesia.  I got about 14+ posts worth.  Today’s post will focus on my trip to Yogyakarta and my visit to the Prambanan Temples.

The Prambanan Temples are one of the 2-3 must see spots to visit while staying in Yogyakarta.  I hired a driver, through a friend, to take me to the Prambanan Temples located outside of Yogyakarta. Due to traffic, it took about 90 minutes to get there. Once there, I hired a tour guide to take around. It was very interesting.

My tour guide mentioned that an earthquake in 1006 damaged the temples.   Another earthquake did more damage in 2006.  He told me not to be here in 3006.

The Indonesian government plans to reconstruct Prambanan in its entirety but they need more money amd time.

Below are some photos of my visit:






I will add more photos from the Prambanan Temples later.

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