Bite Size Asia Vloggers in Vietnam

Food and Drink Oct 5, 2019

Thai and Vietnamese Vloggers

Bite Size Asia are new vloggers in Vietnam. They are interesting in that one of the vloggers is Thai, the other is Vietnamese. Hence you get a vlog in Thai, Vietnamese, and English.

About Bite Size Asia

From their Facebook Page,

Bite Size Asia wants you to know how fun Asia really is! This year we’ve decided to stay in Saigon, Vietnam. We’ll take you with us to explore not just about traveling but how local people really lives, eat, does and who they really are.

Below is their review about Homemade Pho Vietnam:

Hiew laew, hiểu rồi! #1: Homemade Phở in Saigon

[ Hiew laew, hiểu rồi! #1: Homemade Phở in Saigon ]🍜 ใครเคยทาน เฝอเนื้อหม้อไฟ เส้นแฮนด์เมด บ้างคะ? ไปทานพร้อมกันเลยค่า Bạn đã từng ăn thử phở HANDMADE chưa?Have you tried HANDMADE pho before?📍 Phở Việt Nam66 Trần Quốc Toản, P. 8, Quận 3, TP. HCM#vietnam #saigon #hochiminhcity #vietnamesefood #pho #phobo #phovietnam #เฝอ #เฝ๋อ #เฝอเนื้อ #เฝอหม้อไฟ #เฝอเวียดนาม #อาหารเวียดนาม #เวียดนาม #โฮจิมิน #หิว #อาหาร #เที่ยวเวียดนาม #ร้านเฝอ

Posted by Bite Size Asia on Friday, 4 October 2019


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