Annoying construction noise - Novaland

Vietnam Mar 11, 2019

Construction noise is an everlasting occurrence in developing cities such as Saigon. In my nearly 15 years residing in Vietnam, I have never lived at a place that did not have any type of construction for a period of time.

Novaland is currently preparing the land at this location for its foundation. This means packing the ground and inserting concrete “poles” into the ground. Unfortunately, for neighbors, this feels like minor earthquakes.

Luckily Novaland starts it work around 8 am with a one hour lunch break. They cease work between 5 – 6 pm.

Videos below.

Construction noise - Novaland Saigon
Construction noise – Novaland Saigon


Kevin Miller

RPCV Kazakhstan and former US Marine. Tech, social media & marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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