Accuracy of AirVisual Air Quality Reading for Saigon

How accurate are the Air Quality Monitor readings for Saigon, Vietnam?

Yesterday several people reported that they felt the AQI reading for Saigon was not accurate. They felt it was too low. Check the reading below :

AirVisual Air Quality Reading for Saigon, Vietnam

In fact, this was a reading from another AirVisual Node in Thu Duc at Riviera Villa.

Riviera Villa AQI reading for Saigon

AirVisual will switch to the Riviera Villa reading when the US Consulate’s air quality monitor is down. It was down from Saturday until yesterday afternoon.

Several of us like to use the AirNow app for Saigon as below. It will tell you the last update and give you an idea if the US Consulate AQM is working.

AirNow app for Saigon, Vietnam

AirVisual Node readers will also lose the US Consulate reading when it goes down. My humidity reading will replace it.

AirVisual Node in Saigon, Vietnam

As we get more monitors in Saigon in the future, we will get a better more accurate reading of the air quality in Saigon.

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