Phuong Trang bus to Nha Trang


I took a sleeper bus with my friend.  My mistake, I took a top seat bed in the middle. The entire trip I felt like I was in a boat. Even worse, the seat belt was broken so I was afraid I would fall down if I fell asleep.  Hence, I did not sleep the entire trip... Continue Reading

Cam Ranh Airport


This is the nearest airport from Nha Trang, about 360,000 VND to take a taxi there. It is better to have your hotel take you if you can. The airport is nice. There is a good coffee shop on the bottom floor. Continue Reading

Nha Trang


Nha Trang is a beautiful city, probably one of those cities you must visit before die, I am serious.  We toured the city today and I got some good pictures. I will get more pictures of the beach later. Continue Reading