Viet Lac Hoi An Restaurant – Hoi An, Vietnam

I am giving a plug for Scott Marquis's new restaurant up in Hoi An.  Here is how he describes his new restaurant: Comfort food with a twist…What we do is simple: we take favorite foods and drinks from home, venture to the local market and make them here in Hoi An. That's it. Good food, no fuss. You can learn more about his restaurant by visiting his website: or Facebook Page.  Better yet, just travel up to Hoi An and try out Viet Lac Hoi An Restaurant Continue Reading

New Saigon Blog: On Our Own

On Our Own Blog

I added a new blog to my Vietnam Blogger list.  On Our Own is an interesting blog about a single mother traveling with her children in Vietnam and outlying countries.  Her kids are so lucky that they can experience the world at such a young age.  It will open their eyes giving them a different perspective the the world that most Americans will never see in their whole lives. I highly recommend you subscribe to their blog:  You can also find them on Twitter and Continue Reading