Vietnamese can’t use Linux? Yeah Right!

Today I had a nice conversation with a Vietnamese friend about different computer operating systems.  She was thinking about purchasing an Apple Powerbook but was worried that she would not be able to use it.  She stated it would be too tough. After some discussion, I convinced her that she COULD use an Apple computer.  Even better, I even told her that she could easily switch to Linux.  This is how I did it: Ever notice how many mobile phones and PDAs Vietnamese will buy each year?  Some Continue Reading

Advantages of BPOs to Vietnam

Vietnam is becoming the new mecca for outsourcing in Asia. Vietnam has a comparative advantage in young skilled labor where greater than fifty-percent of the 85 million population is younger than 25 years old. In this new era of Doi Moi the Vietnamese government has placed an huge emphasis in promoting IT development within the country. Internet cafes have sprung up all across Vietnam, even in remote areas, giving new computer users access to the World Wide Web. Software Parks have been Continue Reading

SaigonTech Student Collages

Well, today was the day. July 17, 2007, my students had to turn in their collages. Look at the pictures below, I was surprised at how much work they put into their collages. They were amazing!!! Now, the difficult part was taking all the collages home on my motorbike. It will be worth it, though... Continue Reading

Saigon FPT Mobile and my lost Stylix

I lost my Stylix for my mobile phone last Saturday. I have been using my thumb to type my SMS messages. What a pain. Well, yesterday I went to the FPT Mobile Service Center to buy a new Stylix. Wow, the service was excellent. It took me about 5 minutes to get my new Stylix. Yeah it cost about 100,000 VND but at least I got a one to use again :-)  (FPT Mobile Service Center) (The FPT Service woman in the middle was very nice) FPT Mobile Service Center is located on 201 Nam Ky Khoi Continue Reading

Gloria Jean’s Hassle

Met with my student, Chi Mai, yesterday at Gloria Jean's Coffee in District 1. I consider Gloria Jean's Coffee one of the most expensive in Saigon but with the good internet connection and delicious pastries, why not? (^_^) I can see why it is one of the most popular coffee shops around the World. My only complaint deals with the shoe shiners, magazine sellers, etc., who constantly bang on the window to get your attention. They also congregate in front of the entrance of Gloria Jeans but Continue Reading