Has the Bandwidth Returned to Vietnam?

The bandwidth seems to have returned to Vietnam.  I am getting between 815 kb/s through 1.1 mb/s download speeds at my house with FPT ADSL now. Granted, it is 4 AM in the morning but I have never had this high of a bandwidth for nearly a year. Finally, things seem to be improving :-) Continue Reading

Vietnamese Government Targets Bloggers?

Blog about Vietnam posted this article from Intellasia: The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Culture and Information are to target bloggers and blog-hosting websites in the latest move by the government to restrict what Vietnamese write about and post on the internet. The chief inspector of the Ministry of Culture and Information Vu Xuan Thanh said the two ministries would issue a joint circular to strictly control and monitor what is written in online blogs, especially views against Continue Reading

Social Networks coming to Vietnam Soon

Two more social networks sites aimed at Vietnamese users will launch in Vietnam soon to compete with Yahoo 360, the number one choice for many Vietnamese bloggers today here in Vietnam. Anh2- The Vietnamese Portal: http://www.anh2.com kkkool.com - Vietnamese Social Network: http://www.kkkool.com Edit:  Thanks Jason for your comments.  kkkool.com will be a Digg.com clone.  Anh2.com is a web portal but I remember being told it will be promoted as a social network as well to Continue Reading

Just Another Saigon Rant

Okay, I just realized that I posted way too many IT Geek postings the last week. Time to return back to the world of Vietnam and post another Saigon Rant.  The last week was quite interesting (outside of the Linux IT Geeky stuff). Time just flew right by. To start off, I now have a Facebook account, thanks to Kham Tran: The reviews for Facebook were right on the mark. It is much easier to set up then, lets say, LiveJournal or MySpace. LiveJournal is dead, no new innovations in a long Continue Reading

The Future of Gentoo Linux (My Opinion)

I was first introduced to Gentoo Linux back in April, 2003. when I was a graduate student at Indiana University - Bloomington. The Unix Student Support Group organized a LinuxFest on campus. The previous year I had been introduced to Red Hat Linux 7.3 by my GIS Instructor but I was not impressed (The Gnome Desktop just would not install on my desktop and KDE seemed a bit flaky back then). On the otherhand, the demonstration of Gentoo Linux at the LinuxFest so impressed me, I decided that when Continue Reading