Saigon Nightscene

Saigon is definitely one of most beautiful ciites in the World at night. At night, it is hard to tell the difference between Saigon and any other Western city. (Saigon Centre located at the intersection of Le Loi and Pasteur) (Casio neon sign near the Pho 2000 restaurant that Bill Clinton visited) (The famous Samsung TV display near Pham Ngu Lao) (Sorry, bad picture, this is near the bus station) Continue Reading

Is my Vietnamese really that bad?

This morning I was in the center of District 5 (Cholon) to replace the seat cover on my motorbike (Smokey used it as a scratching pad).  As I was waiting, the owner of the shop started speaking with me.  He kept asking many questions and I just could not recognize the words.  They were very strange Vietnamese words.  Finally he walked away after I responded "Khong Hieu" to him. About 10 minutes later, his son started speaking to me in English.  He asked how old I was and I answered back in Continue Reading

Hue Food – Co Do Restaurant

Nam, a friend from Samco, invited me to a Hue restaurant in Disrict 5 (Cholon) today. The Co Do restaurant was excellent. The Co Do Restaurant is located on 367 An Duong Vuong Street in District 5. I highly recommend it. (Inside view of the Co Do Resaurant) (Some Chinese patrons and their 'girlfriends') Continue Reading