Rush Hour – Saigon-style

I normally try to avoid riding my motorbike in Saigon during rush hour. Scenes like this could test anyone's patience, including mine :-) (A traffic jam near Pham Ngu Lao street) (Motorbikes everywhere) (The motorbikes were actually blocking oncoming traffc) Continue Reading

Japanese Food and Dancing

I lost a bet nearly two years ago with Hanh and Phuong. It was now time to pay up after this long time. Since I lost the bet, I had to take them to a Japanese buffet at the Equatorial Hotel in District 5 of Saigon. It was my first time eating at this hotel despite living near it for over a year. I was impressed with the food. (Yummy Japanese food) (Sushi bar) (A very delicious and sweet hot pot) After we ate, we all headed to the Sheraton Hotel's Level 23 for some dancing. The Continue Reading

Construction Mess Part III

Well, my neighbors house is nearly finished, a second one has a couple more weeks to go. The dust from my neighbor's house has finally subsided. The landlord sent over some people to clean my house. So far, it has taken them two days. Yeah, it was really that dirty. (The dirt and brick are for another house in one of the alleyways) (The workers leave the mess behind) (More gravel) (My neighbors house is nearly finished) (Her neighbor has a couple more weeks to go) Continue Reading

Penguin Trash

No one has explained to me the meaning of using penguins as trash cans in Vietnam. You see them in the parks and now you can buy your very own penguin trash can at Citimart :-) (Speaks for itself) Continue Reading

Beautiful Saigon

If you are lucky enough to work in one of the many tall buildings in Saigon, you will get an awesome breathtaking view of the city. With the Saigon River in the background, I sometimes confuse Saigon with Seattle. (Legend Hotel with the Saigon River in the background) (I think this is also part of the Legend Hotel, not sure) (Saigon District 1 Skyline near dusk) (Another breathtaking view of Saigon with the Saigon River from Capital Place Building) Continue Reading