Along the New Silk Road (Saigon, Vietnam, to Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Halal fried rice and salad - Halal Restaurant 641

Halal Restaurant 641 Review

I paid a visit to Halal Restaurant 641 today.  I have been to this restaurant in the past but never did a formal review.  I went there to meet some Muslim sisters that I had met when visiting Kampung Pandan Halal Restaurant.  This restaurant is run by a Cham Muslim family at the grounds of […]

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Kampung Pandan - Halal Food in Saigon

Kampung Pandan – New Halal Restaurant in Saigon

Well, time to review a new halal restaurant.  Well, the owner is not new, she ran Banana Leaf (now closed) was the manager for Halal Saigon (when it was still halal) in the past.  She now runs Kampung Pandan, a halal restaurant focusing on Malaysian, Indian and Vietnamese cuisines.  Her restaurant is located at: 53 […]

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