Time to learn RedwoodJS

Time to learn RedwoodJS for my next project.

Time to learn RedwoodJS
RedwoodJS logo

I have been enjoying SvelteKit so much; I forgot I was going to study RedwoodJS. SvelteKit makes development fast while maintaining SEO and web optimization. If you are a WordPress guy, you would understand.

RedwoodJS is a full-stack web framework. I really like how it integrates with GraphQL and Prisma. I really want to move away from a propriety headless content management systems. I prefer to maintain content myself.

This integration can be done manually with SvelteKit. It takes more time to set up. Time I do not have. Hence, a full-stack web framework has its benefits.

I am hoping to work on a sustainability project using RedwoodJS this month. I will update my progress.

Below is a good video introducing you to RedwoodJS. There is a good tutorial here as well: https://redwoodjs.com/docs/introduction.

Redwood in 100 Seconds by Fireship.

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