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Updated on: July 24, 2021.

Moved to Ghost

As you can tell, was moved to a different blogging software. The site is now running on Ghost after spending roughly 15 years with WordPress. I migrated the last 330 posts and pages from the WordPress site to Ghost. That is still about 8 years worth of content that includes CleanTech, Saigon (HCMC), and Vietnam.

Use 'Tags' to search the site

Ghost is different than WordPress since it just uses Tags by default to organize the blog. This forced me to convert all my WordPress categories to Tags and THEN I had to organize and delete some tags. The good news is that you can visit the site's Tags page to view the other all the posts. Originally I had nearly 400 tags, I got them down to 14 but they are at 15 now. I will probably add 5 more tags to this blog.

History of SaigonNezumi

The original blog for was started at LiveJournal back in 2003. I moved to the domain with my first install of WordPress in March, 2006. The original blog focused on my life as an Expat during my early days in Saigon. It then focused to talk about all the problems, particularly with construction, I had to deal with daily. Then after the blogging law was passed in 2010, this site became more of a general blog for my daily life.

Posting During Covid-19 July, 2021, Lockdown

I have stopped posting regularly even after I migrated to Ghost. With the current social distance directive, I decided this could be a time to post again. I will try to post more often until I finally depart Vietnam most likely later this year.

Merging with Matsunaga's Odyssey

Originally I wanted to have two separate blogs but today I decided to just have one main blog. SaigonNezumi has been around for a while with a good domain. When I make it to Japan or move back to the US, I will keep blogging. I know I need to do more YouTube videos. That is the way to go these days. I think by 2022, I will start posting more YouTube videos, or at least, podcasts.

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